reasons to love lee donghae

이동해. 물고기. 도로뽕. Fishy. Lee Donghae. Who knew that that starry-eyed boy from Mokpo would slowly swim his way towards millions of fangirls’ hearts? To that kid who tumbled down from heaven on October 15, 1986, with an adorable accent, a precious smile, and his heart on his sleeves, thank you for existing. Donghae, from the silly nicknames you give yourself and to the dedication and effort you exert each passing day in memory of your late father, you continue to present us everyday with new reasons as to why you’re worth loving. Always be healthy and remember that you are not, and will never be, alone. Happy Birthday ♥

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The question was for them to guess what kind of method does 120 employees of a company do when they try to maintain their anger.

Eunhyuk’s answer:
Watch porn / look at erotic photos.

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Good Morning Hae. ♥

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Henry caught Amber & Gen cheating on him singing stealing his ‘follow me on weibo’ song…but got dragged away LOL

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Ryeowook, being abused until the very end.

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i guess now we know what they were doing..

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SS4 Photobook Thanks To: Leeteuk
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